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"I am on my third bottle and really love it. After the baby, I wasnt having much luck with other products but I found this one to work for me. The difference was subtle at first, but then over time, I had more energy and I was losing weight. I can see some of the flab on my arms and stomach starting to go away. I am being more careful with my eating too but I know that the product is really making the difference for me. I plan to buy more ."

- M. Reed, US -

"Have heard so much about Lipo - decided to give it a try and was looking for a reliable dealer - After taking this product for about 10 days I lost 4 lbs. May not sound like much but losing 2 lbs. a week is a safe way to diet and progress with weight loss. Since I have a lot more to lose I will be ordering more of this product in the near future."

- H. Manuson, US -

"I had purchased the smaller bottle of Lipo and really loved it but wished I found this one first since it is a lot for the money. I have been trying Acai with different colon cleansers but really wanted to use a strong dose for continuous use. So far, I have lost about 4 pounds over when I take it regularly and dont over eat. Its good to buy from a reputable source so you know you are getting pure acai. I have tried 3 different brands but I found this one to work best and plan to stick with it."

- T. Meyer, US -